By: Emma Holland


  • Born August 16 1958 in Bay City, Michigan
  • Raised with her mother,father, four brothers, and three sisters
  • Large devoted Catholic family
  • Her dad was Italian and mother was French-Canadian


  • Madonna's mother died of Breast Cancer when she was only five
  • Her dad re-married their housekeeper
  • Dropped out of Michigan State and moved to New York City where she lived in a series of ramshackle apartments
  • She was struggling to make money acting, dancing, and singing
  • Divorced her husband Penn

How She Overcame These Obstacles

  • Pursued with her dream and kept performing and writing new songs
  • Became a strong and independent woman
  • Gets married
  • Kept creating hit songs
  • Re-married and had children


  • Released her self-titled debut album that hit top charts
  • Made a second album that was number 1 in the US for three weeks
  • Made music videos and performed in the VMAs
  • Went on a worldwide Tour called "Blond Ambition Tour"
  • Had two kids and adopted a son from Malawi