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October 2014 - Elementary

eLearning and Face-2-Face Opportunities

Click here to see all the PD opportunities available throughout the county offered by HCPS ITRTs. October 8th is the deadline to sign up for the eLearning/Online oppportunities. Hurry up! Time is running out!

MS Office 2013

Hanover County is in the process of upgrading to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Suite 2013! To see the latest check out these free resources:

Pixie 4

This year we are lucky to have the updated version of Pixie! This creativity software allows elementary students to share their learning through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.

Find training resources for: Recipes - tutorials, Snacks - References, and user guides.

Fun File Management

*Files UNlocked*

Do you have too many papers? Are your file cabinets bursting open? Are you having trouble finding that Microsoft Word document you JUST typed out? Are you curious about the "cloud?" What is the difference between my h-drive and the cloud anyway? Transitioning from paper to electronic documents can be a challenge and sometimes the great organizational techniques we use for paper just do not work well with electronic files. This section will provide answers to the questions above as well as introduce you to a few tools that can help you along the way.

Up first, lets review how to save a file to your h-drive. Remember, your h-drive is storage that you can access from a school computer on school grounds (you have to be connected to the network). It is not available at home or on the guest wifi network. For a refresher, check out this quick slideshow showing how to access your h-drive, as things look a bit different with our new Office 2013. And for your students who are confused with the new look of Office 2013, watch this slideshow for students to help them save to their student numbers!

Common Sense: Graphite

Are you often looking for teacher-tested websites or games to use with your students? Is it sometimes overwhelming trying to evaluate these resources all on your own? Lucky for you, there is Graphite! Graphite ( describes its site as a free service from Common Sense Education that makes it easy to discover the best apps, games and websites for classroom use. Graphite provides blogs, webinars, and web 2.0 tools that have been reviewed and rated by expert educators and teachers to provide the information you need to help you make great technology choices!


Please Note: When receiving an iPad for school use through school funds, grants, donations, PTA funds, etc., initial set up has to be completed by your ITRT. Please contact your ITRT as soon as you receive the iPad(s).

Social Media Spotlight: #MysterySkype

Looking for a fun way to engage your students using Geography? Use Skype to connect with another classroom in the world, then ask questions back and forth to figure out where each class is located. This activity, called #MysterySkype, provides opportunities for students to analyze and use critical thinking skills as they narrow down options to learn about new places. For more information on this unique learning experience, contact your ITRT! Connect with the ITRT Team on Twitter: @ITRThcps

Technology Integration: The Good, the Better, the Best

How are you and your students using technology in your classroom? Do you find that you are the one who mainly uses technology for instructional purposes? Are you interested in providing more opportunities for your students to learn, create, and share in our digital world? Explore the SAMR model. The SAMR model is a framework that outlines levels of technology integration. Find out which level you're at by reflecting on your instructional practices Watch this 4:22 minute video to see a common example of how to move a very basic use of technology up the SAMR ladder to provide students opportunities for communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Explore Kathy Schrock's resources here as well.
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