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May 12, 2022

Swank in Action

From the desk of Kim Bonen, Digital Resources Coordinator

I was enjoying Mother’s Day lunch with my family when my 12-year-old niece started telling us about how her teacher had her class watch the movie “Cool Runnings.” As she continued to talk about the movie something nagged at me. I asked if they watched the movie in the classroom. She told me that they did, and I asked if the movie was streamed. She gave me a funny look and said “Yes.” I asked if it was played on something called Swank. Her eyes got really big, and she said yes! How did I know?

A South Dakota State Library database was the last thing I expected to hear mentioned in casual Sunday conversation. This goes to show the impact Swank K-12 Streaming is already having on schools in South Dakota. This database was implemented December 2021 and usage is on the rise.

Big picture

In April 2022, the top 5 titles were:

  1. Inside Out (257 views)
  2. Encanto (114 views)
  3. Romeo and Juliet (108 views)
  4. McFarland, USA (103 views)
  5. WALL-E (98 views)

Swank K-12 Streaming gives South Dakota K-12 educators free access to a collection of top, educational films which are click-and play ready in their streaming library. They are also able to search the entire library of films and request new films be added with an approved lesson plan.

I encourage you to check out the short informational videos on Swank’s landing page:

K-12 educators with questions about Swank K-12 Streaming may contact:

SDSL Digital Resources Coordinator Kim Bonen at 605-295-3174 or

SDSL School Library Coordinator Scottie Bruch at 605-295-3152 or

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