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At ID Studio we take web design seriously, at a top London web design agency there are some core values that we always follow. By embracing these core web design values, we ensure that we create some of the best web sites out there, not just aesthetically, but designs that achieve results.

So what makes ID Studio different? Below are some of the reasons that we believe distinguish us from other web design companies.

One of our core web design strengths is our passion, which we believe thisis unrivalled. Our close team of designers and programmers love what we do, we are passionate. At ID Studio we care about what we do, achieving the best results for your web design benefits everyone.

Understanding of the web design project, this is vital. We need to fully comprehend your vision, the web design purpose, target market, specific requirements etc. ID Studio needs to understand exactly what you want, without fully understanding the project we cannot deploy our skills as effectively.

Web design needs to work from an effective plan, this is achieved by creating thorough wireframes from initial meetings and design briefs. Once approved, the wireframes will form the basis for the web design process to follow. Wireframes will not only provide information on the web design site map, they also provide all useability and functionality aspects.

Without effective communication your Web Design project is destined to fail. At ID Studio, we ensure we are always talking with each other. First and foremost, you will be given a web design project manager, including all relevant contact details. We also employ the use of Basecamp and other project managing software to ensure we are all working off the same page. Having open communication is vital for the web design project for both parties, especially for us in the form of feedback.

Search engine optimisation is important, at ID Studio we ensure your web design is responsive, using the latest approved standards and provide a complimentary search engine report on your business and competitors.

Testing, this is not reserved for the end of a web design project. Any web design company worth their money will apply this principle throughout the project, it is far better to spot potential issues earlier on in the project. Sometimes, potential pitfalls do not become apparent during the wire framing process. Once the web design is complete, ID Studio will upload the site to a secure test development area that is not visible to the public. It is important to thoroughly test your web site, this includes all major web browsers and older version, PCs and MACs, phones and tablets. It is vital that any specific web design platform issues are ironed out before your site goes live.

Above are just some of the principles of web design we adhere to at ID Studio. If you would like to discuss any projects in further detail, please contact us on +44 (0) 208 8948 5808, email contact@netdreams.co.uk or visit our web site www.netdreams.co.uk for further information.