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The Top 10 Greatest Mesopotamian Monarchs

The Top Ten

This article is about the Top 10 monarchs voted by the commoners and people throughout the various city-states of Mesopotamia.


#10 Queen Shagshag

Queen Shagshag was very important to the city-state of Lagash. This queen not only served as a monarch, but she was also the head priest of the temple of the goddess Bau. She employed over 1200 people per year! Not only was this queen an excellent priestess, she also established economical control over Lagash. Queen Shagshag was certainly a very powerful woman!

#9 Queen Pu-abi

This queen was rated at the place it was for many different reasons. One reason is that she was a powerful woman but some people just do not know on what she did. The only reason that she was on this list was because she was buried in the Tomb of Ur. So over all she was a powerful woman but what did she do, think about it.

#8 King Darius I

King Darius the first is at #8 because he was chosen over his older brother when his dad was dying. That is one of the reasons why he is on this list. Also he was the father of Xerxes who was a very powerful king.

#7 Xerxes

Xerxes was the most powerful Persian king to ever live. He was so mighty and powerful, that he was portrayed as a god at that time, and was even portrayed as a god in the award winning movie 300. Xerxes was chosen by his all-powerful father, Darius I, and turned out to be an even more powerful king! At the Battle of Thermopylae, the legendary King Leonidas of Sparta came against Xerxes, but even he fell to this epic king. Xerxes had Athens burnt to the ground, but he rebuilt the city because it was so beautiful. Similarly to Julius Caeser, Xerxes’ death came from an assassination from his own officials. The world will never know what Xerxes could have achieved, because he was too busy being dead.

#6 Rim-Sin

King Rim-Sin is rated at number 6 because he accomplished something that not many people could of done. When he was the king of the city-sate Larsa, all he wanted to do was expand his empire. So, when he came in contact with Babylon he defected the great Hammurabi. So when we asked all of the people he had his name pop out because of the one amazing thing that he has done.

#5 Ashurbanipal

Ashurbanipal was the most terrifying king, not due to his strength and brutality, but because of his vast intelligence. This Assyrian king was extremely popular among his subjects, but all other Mesopotamians feared him. Ashurbanipal's biggest positive affect was creating the first library. This library is massive, and even contains the amazing Epic of Gilgamesh. On the other hand, Ashurbanipal brutally tortured all that his army captured, demeaning them and then killing them. But this brings up a valid point: Whose side would you rather be on? The attackers? Or the attacked? All in all, Ashurbanipal was truly an incredible monarch.

#4 Nebuchadnezzar II

Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest Neo-Babylonian king. He was very influential towards his people, and they had great respect for him. His kingdom was so large and beautiful, it even became an ancient wonder of the world! That's right, this guy created the most beautiful garden of all time! Under Nebuchadnezzar's rule, his empire grew enormously, until it collapsed under the mighty Greeks. Thanks to Nebuchadnezzar, we now regard Mesopotamia as an amazing place.

#3 Sargon

Sargon is at number 3 for many reasons. One reason is that he started the first dynasty. That made Mesopotamia the bets place ever; it helped them a lot because when someone became king they already knew who was going to be king later. Also one of the other reasons that he is in this place is because he conquered Sumer. They did that because he had the first permanent army, which led to many successful raids. Also he was a person that wanted to hang around with his army, which made him a very respected leader.


#1 Gilgamesh

This one should have been a no brainer. We're talking about the most powerful king in all of Mesopotamia, a man who was 2/3 god! He was the first superhero, a man who fought demons and even philosophized over questions we ask today, giving this man true emotional depth. He could wrangle lions with his bare hands, and destroy evil creatures with a single punch. Overall, Gilgamesh is not only powerful, but he shows morality and leadership over his people.

Commoners Response

We have interviewed a lot of people to make this list of monarchs, we also asked them how you rated someone by. One person said, "I think it is good to see how people react to how the different monarchs ruled. I think that when I see it now in a nutshell, finally, I can see what a positive outcome that these people made. Either by making things fair and just keeping the "inside of the wall" a better place for us and our children." also we asked a person why would we do something like this, he said," You are doing something like this for the public to see what some monarchs did, what did they achieve, and what type of person they were when they ruled.

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Who was Chosen

This and many other things were said to the gods as a prayer. Back then they used to think that priest can talk to the gods and they will tell who was going to be king next. Now, thanks to Sargon, we just chose the oldest sibling or child of the king.


Tuesday, April 2nd 244 at 9pm

same location as the auction

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#2 Hammurabi