Wind Energy

The power that will send you flying

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How does it work?

Wind turbines rotor blades convert the winds rotational energy called torque. How much torque depends on 3 things air density, wind speed, and the length of the rotor blades. When each increases so does the power of electricity. When winds come in a generator converts the movement into electricity for homes.

The Advantages

The advantages of wind energy is that it never runs out because it is renewable energy. It doesn't pollute the air. Also it is not that expensive. Also if you sell wind turbines then it is estimated that people make 7 million dollars a year.
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The Disadvantages

Wind turbines might cause noise and irritate people. People also think wind turbines are ugly and they can harm flying animals like bats and birds. Also they can blow a fuse with the power it generates.
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One fact is that wind turbines were first made in Persia the south region, and were later redesigned by Europeans to look like propeller designed blades with sails, then now we have are modern wind turbines. Another fact is that the largest turbine can power 600 homes with the electricity generated. Also wind turbines have 3 blades and they can go up to 200 mph. One of the worlds largest wind turbines is below.
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