By, Leila, Kyesi, Aislynne


The program our group had used was S'more. Not a bad site, but can be very difficult if you have multiple people working on one document. A pro is that it has many features on it, you can change many things with it, and that all your recent documents are organized and well kept. Just the problem of not being able for everyone to work on the same document at the same time, while working on it. The document doesn't always save and what were doing can get very hectic.

Why or Why not?

Personally, I thought the program was fine, other than not being able to work on it all at once. Also if there was a lot more things to chose from would be so much better, such as font, colors, backgrounds, and templets. -Leila

The program was okay, just it needs to be better. While working you can't see what the other person is doing, and again, it gets hard to work on the same document at the same time. You have to save, then let another person work on it, the save again. It's just to much work. -Aislynne

I like the program, just as Aislynne and Leila said, it needs to be better. To hard to see others work, and if you don't save while someone else is working on it. You lose everything. I would like this to be a better program, and much easier to use. -Kyesi