Tech Tidbits #3

from your friendly elem. tech integrator

The Power of the PLN

On a daily basis, I'm introduced to many great resources and ideas shared by valued members of my PLN (personal learning network). Have you reached out to other educators via social networks to help build your own PLN? If not, you should! Want to learn how? Email me! I'm happy to get you started on the path to become a connected educator! And... because you know you want to... Twitter EDU!

Digital Citizenship

Lessons have begun in grades 3-6

Thus far our students have learned more about the topics of protecting private information when interacting online, being responsible online participants, finding a good balance in a life that can be inundated with digital media 24/7, how powerful tools such as cell phones can also distract us, and effective searching strategies.

The support specialists and I had a chance to share more about digital citizenship to parents who attended the Title 1 Parent Conference at IU13 this week. I believe we need to continue sharing these important resources with parents and families, because together we can promote respectful, responsible, and safe use of technology for children and adults alike!