Holland Middle School

8th Grade High School Transition

Class of 2024!!!!!

To the Parents/Guardians of 8th grade students:

January is the time when information regarding transitioning to 9th grade, and the high school begins. At Holland Middle School, we do several things to ensure information is provided to students. The high school comes to speak with the 8th grade class as a whole. In addition, the school counselors meet in a large group setting with each team to go over important information for high school. Following these large group presentations, the school counselors visit homerooms to answer questions that students have about the high school course selection process.

Over the month of February, your child’s school counselor has a one-on-one meeting with each 8th grader to discuss what their teacher recommendations are for 9th grade. At this time, students that are eligible also choose their electives for high school. The Program Planning Booklet for 2020-2021 is posted on the counseling department’s website. There is also a list of 9th grade specific electives which are both helpful tools in helping your child prepare for their individual student meeting with their school counselor. Following the individual meeting, a course selection sheet is sent home with your child for you to review together. Please sign it and return it to your child’s school counselor within a week of receiving it. At that time, if you have questions, you should reach out to your child’s school counselor to discuss the course selection sheet.

The school counselors will host “Coffee with the Counselors” February 20th from 3-3:45 at Holland Middle School. This will provide a good opportunity to discuss general transition questions related to the high school transition.

*There has been an important change to schedule changes at the high school level. Once the school year starts, all requested schedule changes are reviewed by a committee to determine need. Most will not be changed. Please keep this in mind as you review your child’s high school course selection sheet.

We look forward to working with your child for the remainder of 8th grade and assisting in their transition to CR South.


Holland Middle School Counseling Team

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