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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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Dear Families,

I hope that you are all doing well as we settle in for cooler weather coming soon. Please be sure that your children come to school prepared with layers needed to be outside everyday that we can. This also is true for the large numbers of students who go to the club after school each day. As I know you are all aware, we do not have club buses. This means we walk them to First Way to meet the club staff. We noticed during rainy days, that umbrellas can be a problem as we are escorting more than 150 kids. If at all possible, we would like to request that students have coats with hoods or hats versus carrying umbrellas in this large crowd.

It was great to see so many of you at our math night last week. We enjoyed the opportunity to do that again and feel some sense of normalcy while still enduring this pandemic. While we were all masked, fun was had by all staff, students and families!! Let's hope these opportunities continue as we had into cold and flu season.

Our test and stay program is going really well at NES. Your child is tested if they are deemed a close contact or if they come to the office with symptoms of COVID. Your child is only tested if you have signed the permission form. Please know that you will receive an email from CIC to share the results of the antigen test performed at school. While you may await the email or a possible call from the school (this is not a guarantee), a good rule of them is also "no news is good news". We are able to reassure families, keep kids in school, and support the safety of everyone. In order to do this, we are so grateful for your continued assistance. Please be vigilant about doing the home screening (link below) each day before your child comes to school. If they have illness symptoms, you should keep them home until they are 24 hours fever/symptom free. Upon their return, the nurse will happily do the antigen test (if you have signed for permission). This takes roughly 15 minutes. If the test for the child is negative, they are sent right to class. If they are positive, they will be sent home and a COVID PCR test is required.

Home Screening Protocol

CDC Covid Testing in School

Jessica Douglas

(Substitute nurse through 11/20/21)

Meri Lepore

(Returning 12/1/21)

As we are still transitioning through this pandemic, we are noting some things about students' readiness for school. One of the important meetings we have always had was our getting ready for kindergarten meeting. Typically, this meeting would be held in March after Kindergarten registration in January. Obviously, we did not get to hold this meeting in March of 2021. We have decided it is important for us to meet this month. Our hope is to share the expectations for kindergarten. We would like to review routines, hopes, and dreams. Most importantly, we would like to talk about the things that we are seeing from our young learners this year and enlist your partnership in helping kindergartners have the most success this school year.

Lisa Hood, one of our School Counselors, has asked me to share information (see below) regarding the beginning of formal counseling groups at NES.

Also, please be attentive to the upcoming dates and events for this month (see below).

Know that Mrs. Kimberly Albertson, Assistant Principal, and myself are always available to support you. Feel free to call the school to set up appointments, call to speak with us, email us, or catch us outside in the morning and/or afternoon. We love feedback and want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us as needed!


Kim Kubisch and Kim Albertson

Please review this information below.

Nantucket Public Schools has it's most updated Safety Protocols shared with this link -

Great link for supporting healthy habits!