Considering change in your career?

Explore Your Options!

Always Keep Options Open!

Wether one is being fired, laid off, finds a new job, or dose not want to stay at a particular job. They always need a back up plan. people are very known to have more than one job in the career life. That is fine, they need to have steps on what to do to keep moving forward.

Tips To Obtain A Career!

Go to Employment Place!

*Find out hours

*Find out benefits

* What would be done

  • seniority the position you achieve by working for an employer for a substantial length of time.
  • knowledge and competence- employers promote those who know how to do their job.

  • willingness to learn

  • initiative-an introductory act or step.

  • perseverance- the quality of finishing what you start

  • cooperativeness

  • thinking skills

  • adaptability

  • education and training

  • getting a promotion may change your work life in many ways. in addition to more responsibilities. if your become a supervisor or manager, it may affect your relationships with co workers.

  • it may be difficult to have close friendships with people.

if you choose to change jobs , dont make a snap decision, before changing. analyze what your missing from your current employment and what you seek from a new ob. why change jobs?

  • because your not happy?----- before giving up though, consider if there might be a way to stay and solve the problems.

  • because you want to grow?---- if you feel unfulfilled or unchallenged it might be time to move on.

  • because your job is terminated?----- you can prepare for an unexpected job loss by staying alert to signs of trouble.

making the change

  • career change, consider where you want to look for a new job. three possible ways to focus on search

same job , new company- if you lour employer

new job new company- you decide you just don't like what you're doing

start over- do something completely different such as turn a hobby into a career.

  • different this time??---- strategies- research jobs, apply, make good impressions n interview.

laid off or have jobs terminated at some pooint in their working career. what do you do ???

  • ask questions-you will be angry , but wait untill emotions are under control

  • job search services your employer offers

  • severance pay--- (money that may be offered to employees who are dismissed)

  • funds from profit sharing or pension plans

  • payment for unused vacation days

  • terms for extending your health insurance coverage.

  • review financial situations- figure out how much money you have to live on so that you can budget properly until you find a new job.

  • apply for unemployment benefits

  • look for new job- update and improve resume

  • seize the opportunity- a job loss may turn out to be a good thing. (stay positive)