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October 2020

Title I Annual Meeting

Title I Annual Meeting

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020

Time: 6:00pm – 6:30pm

Location: Zoom – Virtual

A Zoom link will be sent out to families through text, email, and classroom teachers will post to their FOCUS webpage. It will be made available the week of the meeting, then again on the day of the meeting.

If you are unable to attend the Title I Annual Meeting the PowerPoint will be uploaded to our school webpage in the “Featured News” section and under the “About Us Tab”, Section “Title I”. If you have any questions please reach out to Mrs. Cirino, Title I Coordinator through email:

Partner's in Education

Thank you to our wonderful PIE’s for the donations this month!

Center Point Church

Gerding Engineering Corporation

Kona Ice South Palm Bay

Sam’s Club


For more information about the Partners in Education program, please contact Melinda Gerding at or Casey Wanca at

Title I

Parents and Families,

All Title 1 information and documents are uploaded to our school webpage under the "About Us" tab and within the "Title 1" section.

This documentation is to keep you informed regarding Title 1. Documents are also available in translation upon request.

  • Please note that any documents that are uploaded in a different language: Google Translate translates these documents for you. Any errors in translation are unintentional.

If you have any questions please contact Stacy Cirino, Title 1 Coordinator.

Grade Level Promotional Requirements

3rd Graders

The intent of the third-grade progression law is to ensure that students have the necessary reading skills to be successful in grade 4 and beyond. To be promoted, a third-grade student must score a Level 2 or above on the statewide Florida Standards Assessment – English Language Arts (FSA-ELA).

The FSA-ELA is not the sole determiner of promotion. Additional evaluations, portfolio reviews and assessments are available to assist the school.

6th Graders

According to s.1003.4156, F.S. promotion to 7th grade will require successful completion of the following academic courses:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Please be aware that if a final grade of “F” is received in English, mathematics, social studies and/or science the student will be retained in the 6th grade.

Media News

BPS SORA Online Library

Introducing BPS SORA our online library for ebooks and audiobooks. Students have the ability to check out ebooks through BPS SORA whether they are face-to-face learners or E-Learners. The BPS SORA online app is located on your students BPS Launchpad and is also available to download on tablets and smartphones. Students have access to the digitial library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there are new titles being added to the system on a regular basis. Please encourage your child to show you around the BPS SORA app and share the book they are currently reading. With this app, students never have to wait to return a book or check-out a new book. They can access the system through their launchpad anywhere, as long as they have wifi. In addition, books can be downloaded so they are available to read on-the-go when wifi can't be enabled. We hope to see all of our students reading and earning badges and achievements for time spent reading on BPS SORA!

Jupiter Reading Challenge

Beginning October 5th students in grades K - 6th grade are encouraged to participate in the Jupiter Reading Challenge. Here are the details:

  • Read a total of 1,000 minutes between Oct. 5th and Dec. 17th.
  • Students may read hard copy or digital books.
  • Complete the reading log sent home or posted by your teacher. See below if you need a copy.
  • Turn the completed reading log in by Friday, December 18th.
  • Students who read a minimum of 1,000 minutes will receive a prize! Prizes range from free meals to toys and trinkets.

All Jupiter students are expected to read 20 minutes each school night. Checkout the links below to see the many benefits of daily reading.

Email Ms. Lopez at if you have any questions or comments.

Notification to Parents of Out of Field Teachers

In compliance with The Elementary and Secondary Education Act Sec. 1112(e)(1)(B)(ii) and Florida law 1012.42, Jupiter Elementary is required to notify families when a teacher is classified as out of field for the subject matter and grade level they have been assigned to. Brevard Public Schools is committed to providing the highest quality education to its students by hiring effective and skilled teachers. The teachers listed below are licensed to teach in the State of Florida and are currently working to meet full certification and licensure requirements.

· PreK Marissa Karnbach

· ESOL- English Speakers of Other Languages: Kimberly Buckingham, Melinda Gerding, Johanna Hiles, Brenda Mashiotta, and Phillip Wachsler

Notificación a los padres de maestros clasificados fuera de campo

En cumplimiento de la Ley de Educación Primaria y Secundaria Sec. 1112 (e) (1) (B) (ii) y la Ley de Florida 1012.42, Jupiter Elementary se requiere que se les notifique a las familias cuando un maestro está clasificado fuera del campo para la materia y el nivel de grado al que han sido asignados. Las Escuelas Públicas de Brevard se comprometen a brindar educación de la más alta calidad a sus estudiantes mediante la contratación de maestros eficaces y capacitados. Los maestros que se enumeran a continuación tienen licencia para enseñar en el estado de Florida y actualmente están trabajando para cumplir con todos los requisitos de certificación y licencia.

· PreK-3rd Marissa Karnbach

· ESOL- Inglés para Personas que Hablan Otros Idiomas: Kimberly Buckingham, Melinda Gerding, Johanna Hiles, Brenda Mashiotta, and Phillip Wachsler

Disclaimer: Google Translate translated this document for you. Any errors in translation are unintentional.