Quetzal News

August 19, 2022

Quetzal News

Dear Quetzal Families,

This has been a wonderful week! I hope you have had the chance to check our social media this week and have a glimpse of the learning activities and joy our students have experienced. We will continue to work hard and provide a top of the line instructional journey for our Quetzales.

As a new year starts, we work together on values that will help us prepare your children to become positive citizens of our world, who will make a difference! This month, we are practicing growth mindsets. Carol Dweck reminds us that, "individuals who believe their talents will be developed (through hard work, good practices, and input from others) have a growth mindset. They tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (those who believe that their talents are innate gifts). Helps us remind your child that with the right mindset, "we can't lose, we either practice what we've learned or we learn what we need to practice." Noura

I am excited to share with you that we are having in person Back to School Night on August 25th, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Please check your child's backpack for our agenda. I will start our evening with a welcome note in our MUR.

As you know, our students' and staff safety is our top priority, and I need your help making this happen. Please follow these procedures when dropping off and picking up your child:

  • No parking on drop off zone
  • Please dismiss campus as soon as the bell rings at 8:15am
  • If your child is having lunch on minimum day, plan to pick him/her up at 12:20pm in the MUR
  • Parents and students should not walk on the driveway
  • Adults can't use kids bathroom at any time
  • Please use the crosswalk when coming to school/No jaywalking
  • Do not block the entrance of the driveway

Please review our Student Handbook, and let us know if you have any questions.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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In partnership,

Claudia Olaciregui, Principal


August 24
  • School Site Council Mtg. @ 5pm
August 25
  • Back to School Night @ 6pm
August 29
  • Lifetouch School Picture Day
August 30
  • ELAC Mtg. @6pm


Board meeting preview: Aug. 18

The Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 6 p.m.

Topics for this meeting include: Safety; Vargas Trees Replacement Project; Future Growth Considerations and Solutions; and Update on COVID-19 Procedures

For meeting details and agenda, please click here: mvwsd.org/trustees.

School meals are free, but fill out the EzMealapp application to help your school

MVWSD will continue to provide free meals to all students as part of California’s universal meal program. Breakfast and lunches are available daily.

We ask you to please apply at EzMealApp to help MVWSD receive additional funding to support students who are in need, and may help your family.

This Free and Reduced Price Meals benefit is not limited to meals only. If your child is eligible for free and/or reduced-price meals, your family could get medical benefits, housing benefits, utilities benefits and more.

Students who qualify for free and/or reduced-price meals may be eligible for P-EBT cards. The more applications your school gathers at the start of each school year, the more additional funding it can receive for all kinds of programs that help children at your school.

If you are currently out of work, you may qualify and help your school, regardless of your financial situation. Apply at https://secure.ezmealapp.com/ or call your school office.

Last Call: District Equity Advisory Committee

Help us continue the great work of making MVWSD a more equitable and inclusive community. Committee members will engage in meaningful dialogue and provide feedback to the superintendent and designees about the future of this work in the district. Offer your voice at our virtual meetings. You are welcome here! Our first meeting will be held virtually on Monday, September 12th. To join the committee roster to be informed of meeting dates and links, complete the form linked below:


Why MVEF Matters

Thanks to financial support from parents like you, the Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF) ensures your child will have access to a competitive, well-rounded education that would not be possible without this additional funding. MVEF is a volunteer-driven, non-profit that raises funds to bring essential programs to all Mountain View Whisman School District schools. State and local school funding is not enough. School funding supports salaries, facilities, and core academic programs that meet state standards. MVEF funding creates the well-rounded, robust learning environment that our kids deserve including art, music, hands-on environmental science programs from Living Classroom and Environmental Volunteers, and middle school athletics and English Language Arts teachers. Please see the website at mvef.org for more information and to donate online.

August/September CAC Events

Happy Back to School! SELPA 1 CAC and the Learning Challenge Committee are your groups for special education and broader learning challenge needs. We are ALL having learning challenges right now, and CAC and LCC are here to help. If you have questions about learning challenges and special education needs, email selpa1cacinfo@gmail.com or check out www.selpa1cac.org

We encourage families to learn about the sensory needs all children: Try a Sensory Diet

August 29, 9 am- General Parent/Community Meeting with Special Ed. Directors & Staff, Zoom at 9:00 am for LCC and 9:30 am for CAC. We will be planning for the year, discussing upcoming programs and discussing distance learning and learning challenges. For our agenda, please join our Google group, https://groups.google.com/g/selpa1cac. Register here.

September 14, 10 am Morning Let’s Talk - IEP/504 support group. Have questions about the process to get help for your child? Have an IEP but are not sure how to make changes? Need to vent? This is your confidential group. Register here.