Rome has many peninsulas.

Rome is right by the Mediterraean sea.

Rome has many hills.

art and achitecture

The romans barrowed many Greek concepts.

The art and architecture are like the same in Rome.

The art is every life like.


A aqueduct is a bridge like ston that brings water down to the city.

It brings fresh water down from the river.

The water brings fresh water down so the city have drinking water and it also goes into the bath like pools.

military / social / economic

Romans were foced to hire foreign so ideas.

People became selfish and lazy.

Romans used too much slave labor.

pax romana

Pax Romana means roman peace.

The Pax Romana began when Octavian became the leader of the Roman Empire.

This 200-year period saw unprecedented peace.

12 tables

The 12 tables are stone tablets.

It also has all the on it.

So everyone can see what the laws are.