Christopher Columbus

The truth behind the man

Why did Columbus go?

Columbus went on his journey because he was trying to get to Asia, becoming fascinated, after reading The Travels by Marco Polo. Columbus was interested in the gold aspect of traveling.

What issues did they have on the way there?

Columbus's issues that he had on his way to Asia was that he thought he could get their quicker by going West and instead made it to the Americas. Columbus also had nine ships sink, harsh weather, and violent people.

What controversies are there over Columbus?

The controversies over Columbus are that he killed 1/2 million Native Americans, especially since he established the African Slave trade, and he would cut off people's hands if they couldn't pay taxes

What did Columbus do that was smart?

Smart things that Columbus was smart was that he discovered the Americas to Europe and he discovered different cultures from the Americas

What did he do that was dumb?

Dumb things that Columbus did was that he brought disease to the Americas and killed Native Americans, he got arrested for being violent, and he was known to be arrogant.