why do people like art

I like art and so do my friends.

My question is why do people like art because everyone in my class likes art and I think I know why people like art because some people like art because it is fun I think it is fun but I also like it because of the beauty and the texture of it I like the amazing effect it gives you!

amazing art

I love art because of the beautie of it and the creativity and I want to be a famus artist when I grow up!
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I like this picture because of the beauty an the texture and the mood it gets you in. This painting gets me into this good feeling mood like your sort of happy. romantic because of some mixed colors that are a purplish sort of color. The last feeling that I felt is this summer time feeling that makes you feel sort of warm.

the true artist

I first started out with copying stickers and pictures out of children books. My mom always says I have my grandmothers talent, because one time she showed me a deer drawing she drew! I always liked the way it looked and the way it captures the way someone would look at it like a hunter would look at it like it were a prize winning deer skin, but the way I`d look at it is i`d see a beautiful work of art.

Artistic Grandmother

My mom always says I have my grandma's talents and one day she actually showed me one of her pictures, and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!