The Cultural Revolution In China

By: Carolina Z

How it began

A massive impact on china from 1965.The name given to mao's attempt to re asset his beliefs in china. Mao been the leader from 1950s .It began in the 60s the Chinese communist party came to feel that the soviet union was moving to far.The current communist leaders were taking the party&govt.

Who the red guards?

Hong Welbing , Hung - wei-ping . The guards weared greeen jackets for there uniforms.

Revisionist mao. Chairman mao.


How it affect the population

Zhou acted to stabilize china by reviews . 1972 mao suffered a stroke same year zhou had cancer. Deng Xiaoping been purged. 1.5 million people were killed . China's cities long term effects may felt mainly in china.


if this ever happened to china again they will have to have dictatorship .