All about me

( i'm archimedes by the way)

Fact File:

Name: Archimedes

Dates: 287BC to 212BC

Lives: Lived in Greece

Likes:Math, science, physics

Famous for: discovering new things and making new inventions

Biography that people made of me:

Archimedes , he lived from 287 BC to 212 BC. He was a Greek and lived Syracuse.His father was Phidias and he was an astronomer and he inspired Archimedes.He is famous for being a mathematician and discovering new things.He visited Egypt in his youth and met others like him.He knew all the mathematicians that were very important . He had made stunning machines in his life time like " Archimedes screw " also he made lots of machines to defend Syracuse.He discovered displacement, when he was in his bath tub he realized that if he filled it all the way up and jumped into the bath tub and water came out, this is how much Archimedes volume is. He also invented the pully which import thing to a higher level.He had a big life in inventing objects , finding out new facts about our world and he has taught us many things we learn today in our schooling. Archimedes was killed in 212 BC by a Roman soldier. People have written that when Syracuse was being destroyed by the Romans he would not leave his Mathematics and be captured so one of the soldiers killed him with his sword.

God bless our Archimedes.

"Nawww how sweet of them to write that beautiful biography of me."


This screw above is what they use to take water from below up to us. They still use it these days.
How taking a bath led to Archimedes' principle - Mark Salata