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Jupiter: IO





Size of Io

Io is about 2,260 miles long, and 3,600 kilometers in diamiter. Upwards it is 190 miles and 300 kilometers. Io is also one of the four largest moons on jupiter. Its slightly larger than the moon.

Volcans on Io

Io's surface is covered with volcano's and lava flows.They also have lava pits.

Galileo studied volcano's on IO. Io is the most volcanically active world in the solar system.

Discovered volcano's in 1979.


The surface is always changing. This molton rock erupts continuously on Io's surface.

The surface is sploched with lava lakes and floodplains of liquid rock.

Interesting Facts

-Io is close to Jupiter

-It can reach 3,000 Degrees

-Its a Iron core

-Came up with name IO in the 1800s

-Its about 4.5 billion years old

The Electrical "Volcanoes" of Jupiter's Moon Io | Space News