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Fall 2012 --Finishing Strong with New Growth

New Growth --Growing from the Ground, Up.

God delights in using weak things.

He shows His handiwork through the creation of flowers, plants, birds, and even ants. But God uses something even weaker to do His will on earth through the Holy Spirit: humans.

This summer at Canyonview, we explored 2 Corinthians 5:17 which states those who are in Christ Jesus is a New Creation. The eveidence of a New Creature is one who is ready to share their faith in Christ with others. We also have gone through a lot of growth in areas such as campers enrolled in camp, campers accepting Christ into their hearts, and new improvements on the grounds. We built a brand new paintball course, painted Noah's Ark, made a new area for the horses to stay out of the mud, and much more! We tackled the "Bone Yard" which has been our "catch-all" for the past 20 years. A group of men took over 3 tons of scrap metal to be transformed into money for the camp. Canyonview Ministries has also seen a new group of partners from Salem to Portland that want to be involved in our ministry. Overall, God has been in the business of transformation. Please pray for our staff as we go into our Equestrian School season and please pray for our 8 equestrian students this year!

Paintball at Canyonview: Buzzard's Battlefield

Support us into New Growth - Prayer Warriors

As supporters of this ministry, many of you have been asked to play a part: driving the bus or vans, clearing time in your schedule to make a V.I.P. work day, or simply donating money. WHAT WE NEED IS A PRAYER TEAM. Warriors in prayer that would meet on a regular basis that would walk the grounds with us and pray for each bunk that will be slept in, every horse that will be ridden, every stall that will house the horses, every paintball gun that will help to spread the gospel, and every wood cookie that will be cherished on a camper's neck for a lifetime. Email for more info on how you could join the Prayer Warriors team.

Canyonview Ministries

We are a non-profit organization that is run by Christ Jesus our Lord. We are here to Edify, Evangelize, Equip the men and women, boys and girls, that enter the community. We are a member of Bible Teaching Inc. and a member of Christian Camp and Conference Association.