behavioural approach to management

By Damien Antonietti

Attention all staff members!

attention all staff, here will now be a new approach to management put into place, it is called the behavioural approach. all employees will now have more input to the business and we will maintain a healthy, positive environment. People are the most important resource, so we the company will try our best to meet the social and economic needs of all staff. We also need more of employee input in a team based structure, so we can better our sales, and in return better salaries. Managers will also be improving their interpersonal skills. also democratic leadership will take hand, to promote the people that should be promoted based on their performance seen by ALL workers.

What is Behavioual approach to management

The behavioural approach to management, stresses that people (employees) should be the main focus of the way in which the business is organised.

Who was is pioneered by?

This approach was pioneered by Elton Mayo
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