About Me Project

Ben Sideris

My Name

The name Benjamin is a Hebrew name (Binyamin). The name can mean "son of the south" or "son of the right hand" I was given this name because my dad was better at choosing names than my mom was.

How I feel about myself

I am lazy, pretty boring and tired most of the time, I chose these words because they are true.

Favorite people

My two favorite people are my brother (Gabe) and Dylan. Dylan is my best friend so there's not really anything else to say and Gabe is pretty good at giving advice.

Favorite smell

One of my favorite smells is leather, it doesn't really elict any memories I just like the way it smells.


Do all my work.

Three favorite objects

My three favorite belongings are my bed, my blanket and my pillow

Personal Menu


Fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles, frosted flakes, skillet toast, waffles and French toast.


Pretty much any sandwiches, and meat.


Pizza, spaghetti, red chicken and potatoes, crockpot stuff, seafood and Chinese food like the American kind though.


Chocolate lava cake


Chips, gushers, pudding, pizza rolls, and pretty much everything that makes you fat.

List of favorite things

Favorite actor- Will Smith, Favorite actress- Jennifer Anniston, Favorite song- way too many to choose from, Favorite band- I don't really listen to bands, Favorite athlete- a random football player, Favorite book- one fish two fish red fish blue fish, Favorite food- Sea food, Favorite class- Biology, Favorite teacher- Mrs. Surrency, Best friend- Dylan Picerno, Favorite T.V. show- way too many, Favorite car- 1969 Camaro, Favorite summertime activity- Sleeping, Favorite weekend activity- Catching up on sleep, Favorite movie- I Am Legend or Book of Eli.


In the year 2000, the year I was born, one of the biggest things that happened was, a "working draft" of human genome sequence was announced.

Letter to self in future

Im hoping this is only the fourth year that you're here