Kurt Cobain

by Scarlett Giesler

A Legend

"It's better to be hated for what you are than be loved for what you are not.."
-Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain, the well known vocalist and guitarist of Nirvana, had a life behind that of his fame that was highly misunderstood and is still somewhat unknown by many. Aside being a musician, Cobain also had excellent art and was considered, what some people would think, a little strange. His relationship with Courtney Love led to a child they named Frances Bean. His suicide is still questioned and Nirvana remains one of the greatest and most iconic rock bands.
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The Band Nirvana, formed by Cobain in 1988, Aberdeen Washington, it wasn't until 1991 that they signed with a major label, Geffen Records. Also in 1991 they released the well known Nevermind album, which was a turning point from their typical sound. "Nevermind, which spearheaded a music revolution. With the raw edges of punk and the blistering guitars of metal" (biography,pg.2 paragraph 7) Rolling Stone had once said of Nirvana's album In Utero; "Brilliant, corrosive, enraged and thoughtful, most of them all at once" (Cross, pg 128). Nirvana's most well known track still remains to be 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.
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Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean was born August 18th 1992 to Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
Frances Bean today is famous for being a model and singer, creating her own identity as well as being known from her parents.
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Cobain's death had been questioned after his body was found the two days after he had commit suicide in his Seattle home. Cobain's body was found along with a suicide note. It was questioned on whether it was truly a suicide or a murder. The evidence leading to this belief included the high amounts of heroin found in his body. The high dosages should have impaired him to write a note or even operate a gun. It was thought that his suicide note could have been a letter to his fans explaining his reasoning for discontinuing his presence with the rest of the members in Nirvana, the note ends with "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!"

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