The Coliseum Update

This Is Your Week- Take It

In This Update:

  1. Top 25 Coliseum Users for Q2 2014
  2. Transition Workshop for Triathlon Challengers- Wed the 23rd- 12-1
  3. Easy Detox for Active, Busy People
  4. Step Up Your Cardio with this Stair Workout
  5. Schedule Your Coliseum Service Today!

Transition Workshop: TRI THIS!

Bring your lunch and join in! Our in-house experts will be speaking on the nuts and bolts of your Traithlon experience. We will review what to expect & how to make smooth transitions between the swim, the bike and the run.

Jim Rainey from GA Multisports will be joining us as well. His company is the event management company hosting the event we are participating in, the sprint triathlon @ Lake Lanier in September. For additional info, check out the link below.

Wednesday the 23rd, 12-1pm, Conference Rooms 1B & 1C. Bring it!

Go ahead and register, discount code is JACDIS14 for the first 40 entries!

Top 25 for Q2!

Worksite Wellness Is Strong! Congrats to our Top 25 Coliseum Users for Q2 2014. You will receive your Coliseum Cash coupon via email.

Zeller, Quenby 64
Wrensen, Christen 64
Freiberger, Tara 65
Guyer, Ashley 65
Sheffield, Meredith 65
Little, Karen 65
Wright, Caroline 66
Montgomery, Jennie 66
Pope, Staci 67
Schneider, Josh 69
Garrett, Sandy 69
Sobol, Barbara 69
Parker, Kimberly 70
Lingwood, Jack 71
Silverstein, Jodi 72
Nolan-Pierce, Marissa 75
Stockwell, Dennis 76
Williams, Jack 76
Oshodi, Jaclyn 84
Wheaton, Jenelle 87
Nakas, Hayley 89
Fell, Sarah 90
Sanders, Jeannie 90
Bailey, Ryan 103
Smith, Steve 106
1. Forte, Missy 137

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