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May 20, 2018

Important Dates Coming Up

  • May 23rd- New Tech Talent and Award Show (during the school day- ****8:40 arrival time on this Wednesday because we provide you breakfast before awards **********We will also take an All-school picture on this day when we return from the talent show

  • May 25th-May 31st- Final Exams (see below)

  • May 25th- Renaissance Lunch for those who bought their prom tickets early

  • May 28th- No School

  • May 31st- Graduation Practice @ IBC at 12:00pm (seniors will take their 8th period exam on May 29th so they are available for practice)

  • June 1st- Graduation at Irving Bible Church @ 3pm

@cademy Awards (NTH@C Talent Show and Awards)

This Wednesday is our annual @cademy Awards! This is a chance for our facilitators to recognize some of our learners with awards.

  • Parents should be receiving calls from facilitators if their child is receiving a special recognition at our Awards and Talent Show on Wednesday.

  • All learners arrive at school at 8:40 on this day (unless they are involved in award show setup). We are providing free breakfast for all learners on this day.

  • Business professional dress for the awards show talent show day!!! This is a requirement, not a suggestion.

  • Lunch will be pizza sold for $1 a slice upon returning from the Awards & Talent Show around 2pm.

Message from Nurse Faulkner about medications

Dear NTH@C Parents,

Please remember to pick up any medication that has been stored in the clinic for your child during the 2017/18 school year. Whatever is not picked up will have to be discarded on the last day of school. Many medications are very expensive and it might be difficult to get insurance companies to replace or renew. If you are personally unable to come to school to pick up the medication, please send a note via email permitting clinic personnel to give the medication or supplies to your child to take home. Also, because of testing exemptions, I do not know when it is your student’s last day. Help me by stating when I should expect your student to pick up the medication. Please do not hesitate to call with questions or concerns.

Thank you!


Cheryl Faulkner, BSN, RN

214-496-5914 clinic phone number

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Leukemia and Lymphoma Society- NTH@C's Donation Page

Please use this link if you would like to make a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through our campus.

Join PTSO!!!

Purchase your PTSO membership by visiting the PTSO webstore. Membership in the PTSO helps us support NTH@C and gets you a copy of the student directory. To purchase, visit PTSO webstore
A Day/ B Day/ and Wednesday Schedule

Please use this calendar to help you determine if days are A days, B days or Workshop and Wonderful Wednesdays.