Pneumonia alert!

Please read! Very important!

Huge epidemic!

There has been a large Pneumonia epidemic sneaking around in the city of Austin, Texas. It has been asked that everyone keep watch and be alert so it does not keep infecting people and take victims. This infection is very dangerous.

Do I have it?

Pneumonia is an infection with many symptoms. If you find yourself having these symptoms. We highly suggest you take action. The symptoms include coughing, fever, shaking, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea. As stated before, as soon as you see yourself carrying these symptoms we ask you to PLEASE go seek medical help immediately.

I have it, what do I do? What will they do to me?

Please do not fret if you find yourself in this situation. Anything done properly and done at the right time can be fixed. In this case, if you find yourself in this situation we ask you to calmly, but at the same time rapidly go to the nearest Hospital in your hometown. It is preferred you to the ER. The next procedure after this is not terrifying. The doctor will simply ask you for your symptoms, and once he confirms your infection he will either inject you antibiotics or give you the antibiotic as a pill. After this you may be put on oxygen therapy so your lungs can work properly with straining. After a few days or even hours you will start feeling immensely better and will return to a normal life afterward. As you see the treatment is not bad at all, and most of the time results to be very effective.

How can I help?

Individual help is greatly needed and appreciated. Our goal is to stop this vicious infection from infecting other people and so forth. One thing we can do is be safe from the beginning. One very important thing to do is get your Influenza shot every year. Since the flu is the major cause of Pneumonia, preventing the flu will most likely prevent Pneumonia. The second major thing you can do is wash your hands frequently, especially after blowing your nose or going to the bathroom. The last major thing you can do it develop healthy habits. This includes having a healthy diet, rest, and exercise. This helps so you won't infected as easily and if you do, fight it off easily with a fast recovery.

We can do this!

As you can see, Pneumonia is a terrible disease that can prove to be dangerous if not treated properly. If we all work together we can form a strong "cure" against the vicious infection. We can work as a team to defeat this infection so it can leave and stop hurting people. So lets do this!