Planning your Weekly Activities

A Guide to 100 Things to do This Summer

How to Begin…

Children like to have input into planning out their days, weeks, and months. A child's confidence increases when they contribute to creating a plan for not only their time but for their family's time. When a child offers ideas that are valued, it gives them a greater sense of purpose. Further, it increases their motivation to complete the activities if they have had a choice in which ones are organized for the week.

1. with your family, list activities that you love to do – add to the list each week

2. build your own activity board for the week

Things kids love to do in the summer...

3. make crafts

4. go fishing

5. read a book

6. play Lego

7. complete art activities

8. have a water balloon fight

9. pick things from the garden

10. make puppets

11. blow bubbles

12. decorate the driveway with chalk

13. fly a kite

14. camp in the backyard

15. play in the sprinkler

16. have a pillow fight

17. learn to skip rocks at the river

18. have a pajama day at home with the family

19. paint rocks

20. go stargazing

21. learn to throw a rugby ball

22. learn a few yo-yo tricks

23. learn to fold three different paper airplanes and see which flies best

Ways to get physical exercise...

24. run 1 km each day or week

25. go swimming

26. learn to climb a tree

27. learn to do a headstand

28. go rollerblading

29. go on a 5km bike ride

30. scooter around the neighbourhood

31. do a fitness activity with the family

32. play soccer

33. play on a pogo stick

34. go kayaking

35. learn how to hit a tennis ball

36. skip with a rope and create routines

37. learn to dribble and shoot a basketball

38. play ping-pong or table tennis

39. learn to skateboard

40. do yoga stretches for 30 minutes

41. design a yoga routine

42. play on a trampoline

43. build a hopscotch board on your driveway

44. go on a hike

45. go on a walk in the neighbourhood

46. design a workout routine

47. learn to hit a ball with a bat

48. learn to juggle

Ways to Stay in Touch with Friends and Relatives...

49. text a friend

50. have an online playdate

51. have a Zoom dinner with a relative

52. picnic in the park at a distance from a friend

53. have a physically distanced BBQ meal

54. go on a physically distanced bike ride

55. have a water gun fight with a 2 metre distance between the teams

56. send friends a letter in the mail

Things to do with a parent...

57. plant some flowers

58. have an online visit with a grandparent

59. go shopping online

60. learn to cook

61. make special breakfasts

Chores to help with around the house...

62. help clean up

63. do the dishes

64. water the plants

65. fill the bird feeder

66. learn to fold my clothes

67. sweep the kitchen floor

68. wash the dishes

69. feed the dog

70. dust the living room

71. clean your room

72. empty the dishwasher

73. set the table

74. take the trash out

75. wash the car

Special treats...

76. make cupcakes & decorate them

77. make ice-cream

78. make chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream

79. eat popsicles

80. make smoothies

81. watch T.V. with mom or dad

82. have a family movie night and make a healthy snack

83. go to Dairy Queen

84. have take-out

85. bake cookies

Ways to get smarter...

86. get a book from Sora, Elmwood’s digital library and read a novel a week

87. play cards – either with a partner or a solitary game

88. play board games

89. play Sudoku

90. read a recipe and write the grocery list for a parent

91. bake

92. build a Tangram set out of paper and play

93. write a story or book

94. write poetry

95. design a cartoon character and write a cartoon

Try something new this summer...

96. finger knit a scarf with Loop-It yarn

97. catch fireflies

98. go technology free for a day or a week

99. build an obstacle course and ride your bike/pogo stick through it

100. make a list of challenges and complete them this summer