I Want That Job


How the Career Benefits Society

It benefits society a lot more than other jobs because it lets people know they can do this or that on these days because of the weather outside.

Job Description

It is manly telling people the weather. You also do a lot of work finding out the weather online or from satellites. People depend on you and if you get the weather wrong people are not gonna be very happy with you.

Some Famous Meteorologist

Personality Needed

Fascination with weather-related events, analytical skills, an ability to piece together the big picture from many small measurements, and the ability to communicate scientific results in plain language.

Education requirement and skills needed

You need a PhD for most jobs, a masters degree and a Bachelors degree

Annual Salary or Wages

$87,980 per year

Projected job growth

Average (7% to 13%) meaning they are not in high demand.

Companies that hire in this field

Lockheed Martin

National Atmospheric and Space Administration

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association