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Celebrating Class of 2020

The front lawn was the gathering place for the class of 2020 last week. Gear Up and FHS Student Council gathered information and photos from students and had individual yard signs created for each senior. So this week, the Seniors were "together" on the front lawn for anyone passing by to see. The signs will stay in the Front Lawn until Monday May 11th, after which they will be available for Seniors to take home and display in their front yard.

Administrators at FHS understands there is not replacing the traditions that the Seniors will be missing out on during this "Healthy at Home" time, but this is the beginning of the activities that are being planned for the end of the year for our Seniors. The Senior Committee has met, surveyed the Senior Class and made a proposal to Dr. Barber on what they would like for the end of the year activities. Be on the look out for those to be announced soon.

Seniors stood amongst their classmates and took photos of their Yard Signs

Want to Celebrate the Class of 2020?

Froggy Country created a Virtual Yearbook for Class of 2020

Froggy Country and Passport Radio have created an online Virtual Yearbook 2020 where we can celebrate graduate's achievements, share stories and accomplishments and wrap it all up in a platform that can be shared anywhere and saved forever.

You can see a sample of what it will look like:

Students, parents, educators, and coaches can upload content and Froggy will format it into a special recognition for the class of 2020. The more submissions, the better this keepsake will be.

You can upload materials to

Froggy Country's goal is to create a unique memory for this class of 2020 to enjoy and lift the spirits of everyone in the community.

Finishing Up Summit Courses

What's needed to pass any Summit Course

As we close the school year and begin May Term here is a helpful guide for what needs to be true in order to pass any Summit Course:

For Non-Math Courses:

  • All projects for the year must be submitted and scored.
  • Your Cognitive Skills average for the year must be above 70%.
  • All Power Focus Areas must be mastered.
  • **Additional Focus Areas are not required to pass but can raise your grade.

For Math Courses:

  • All Unit Assessments must be taken for the year.
  • All Portfolio Problems must be completed for the year.
  • Your Concept Average for the year must be above 70%.
  • Your Portfolio Problem Average for the year must be above 50%.
  • All Power Focus Areas must be mastered.
  • **Additional Focus Areas are not required to pass but can raise your grade.

All of this information can be found on the Progress tab in the Summit Learning Platform. Clicking on each class in the right-hand column will give a specific breakdown of where a student currently is for each required element.

May Term for FHS

Monday, May 11th is the first day of May Term at FHS. Students will be assigned to a May Term ‘Pathway.’ Students will log on at 10:00 AM and attend one of three options:

Dual Credit Class - If the student is on track, earned a passing grade for each of their current classes and elected to take a three-week dual credit class. These classes will end on May 29th.

Extension Offering - If the student is on track, earned a passing grade for each of their current classes, and elected not to take a dual credit class. These opportunities will be offered until June 4th. They will rotate through 4 courses, each a week long.

Remediation - If the student is behind in one or more classes and needs some additional time and teacher support to finish up their current course work. Remediation will be continued until June 4th or until the student’s work is complete in which time they can move to the extension offering group.

Don't forget to order a Yearbook

Quarantine Special $20 in May

The FHS yearbook staff is working hard to complete the 2020 yearbook. They need help collecting photos of Spring Sports and Quarantine Time. The traditional group photos taken in the spring are not going to happen, so creative ways of including everyone will make this a historic yearbook.

  • Spring Sport Teams have been asked to take individual photos of yourself in their uniforms. Some students have sent these in already, but several have not. Please help your students get these sent to Mrs. Harmon
  • Quarantine Time- There will be a section in the yearbook dedicated to this unusual and historic event. Please send photos of your students working on NTI, meeting virtually and spending countless hours of time doing whatever they do during this time.

All photos should be emailed to

Yearbooks are on sale for $20 a yearbook if you pre-order them online. Go to and use the code 16811

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SENIORS - Scholarship Submission Deadlines approaching

If you have questions contact Mrs. Harley.

Many Scholarship Deadlines are approaching:

  • F.D. Wilkinson - May 8th

  • Sharon Lewis Memorial - May 10th

  • Teresa Hatton Foundation Scholarship - May 11th

  • Frankfort Rotary - May 15th

PAYMENTS to Herff Jones Needed

Senior Families,

If you still have a balance with Herff Jones for Graduation items, please pay those as soon as possible so that the Caps and Gowns can be shipped.

This FHS newsletter is an attempt to inform families, students and the community about the happenings at Frankfort High School. Send information, announcements, suggestions and corrections to

FIS Has Homeless Assistance Available

Frankfort Independent now has assistance for the homeless. If you would like additional information, please contact:

Kelli Hume

FIS Homeless Coordinator

875-8658 Ext 2243