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E-Newsletter 1 // March 2015

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Intellectual Integrity

How many times have you heard phrases like these? "What is true for you is not true for me", "Your religion is just a crutch", or "Having faith means you don't really know anything".

Many universities have banished belief as a merely personal option. Students are indoctrinated with the notion that what they believe is just for them and has no bearing on reality. Addisons Walk is committed to reintroducing Christianity to the table of ideas. Our goal is to show that orthodox Christianity is philosophically robust and intellectual viable.

The apostle Peter writes to suffering Christians to encourage them in their walk with Jesus Christ. He instructs his listeners to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope they possess (I Peter 3:15). Peter, Paul, and John all teach that believing in Jesus is not only the best option, but it really makes sense!

Addisons Walk does not simply assign truth to what we believe. We hold truth in an open hand and we welcome the hard questions. If Peter is correct, we should then understand that our truth claims can be backed up with good thinking. We do not limit our conversations to the realm of comparison only. We are also confident that we can contrast biblical Christianity with other worldviews to demonstrate there are really good reasons to believe what we believe.

New Courses for 2015

Addisons Walk is partnering with the Jacob Institute. Addions Walk executive director, Andy Giessman, will be teaching a 4-week module on The Role of Reason in Spiritual Formation. This course will explore the intersections of faith and reason, what knowledge is, and how the laws of logic support and apply to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

This module will be held April 29; May 6, 13, and 20 in Clarks Summit, PA. Please refer to the Jacob Institute website for location and registration information.

Person Support Update

Becky and I took a significant step of faith last August (2014). We saw the launch of Addisons Walk in March and we were working very hard at raising support. We received a sizable gift in July that allowed me to go full-time with Addisons Walk. The step of faith is that our regular monthly support is at a little over 20% for what I need to be full-time.

I have had multiple speaking opportunities and there are plenty more on the way over the next several months. These will help us as we put aside these funds for operational use.

Would you consider a one-time gift or a regular partnership with Addisons Walk? Your gift allows me to spend more time on campus, disciple students, and do the work of a Christian study center. We need you and a new generation of university students do too!

***Addisons Walk is a 501(c)(3) organization. You may send your tax deductible check to the address above or submit a gift via PayPal through our website.

Addisons Walk Live!

We are coming to a city near you! Come out to meet us and hear what God is doing.

Bring Addisons Walk to your church, youth group, school, or college. We have several seminars that will give you increased confidence in biblical Christianity.

March 8 - Jackson Street Baptist Church; Scranton PA

March 20-21 - Empire State Youth Seminars; Norwich, NY

March 22 - Calvary Baptist Church; Norwich, NY

April 10-12 - Grace Baptist Church; Westlake, OH

April 17-18 - Northridge Church; Rochester, NY

April 29 - The Jacob Institute; Clarks Summit, PA

May 6 - The Jacob Institute; Clarks Summit, PA

May 13 - The Jacob Institute; Clarks Summit, PA

May 15-17 - The Surge Young Adults Conference, Harvey Cedars Bible Conference

Harvey Cedars, NJ

May 20 - The Jacob Institute; Clarks Summit, PA

June 7 - First Baptist Church; Marilla, NY

June 7 - West Portland Baptist Church; Westfield, NY

June 8-13 - Pine Lake Camp; Caldwell, OH

June 14 - Independent Bible Church; Martinsbug, WV

June 15-20 - Teen Week; Martinsburg, WV

June 29-July 4 - New Life Island; Frenchtown, NJ

July 5 - Meadowood Baptist Church; Madison, WI

July 5 - Calvary Baptist Church; Wisconsin Rapids, WI

July 6-11 - Camp Fairwood; Westfield, WI

July 12 Fellowship Baptist Church, Racine, WI

August 2-8 - Camp Berea; Hebron, NH

August 16 - First Baptist Church; Whitney Point, NY

August 17-21 - Camp Bayouca; Smithville Flats, NY