Beads for Wildlife

Supported by Zoos Victoria

What it's about

The Beads for Wildlife program uses funds towards saving the Grevy’s Zebra in northern Kenya. Funds go directly to the Melako Conservancy. If the community’s income increases, this could result in improved infrastructure for living, and more resources. There could also be disadvantages of this situation could also involve the money being used for the wrong reasons, or it being used to harm other animals. One of the main issues that lead to animal extinction is that humans and animals can’t live sustainably together. We believe that humans and wildlife can live side-by-side sustainably if humans can look after the animals, and treat them fairly.

Kenya development issues include drought and other environmental issues, poor education, lack of health services and poor infrastructure.

If Grevy’s Zebras were to become extinct, there would be even more significant environmental impact in areas they are located in, including the Melako Conservancy. It can be too late to save an animal species when there is a critically low number of the population left. Although it can become difficult, no species should be given up on because future generations would never see the animal exist, and the animal would be gone forever.

Saturday, Feb. 20th 2016 at 10am

123 Main Street, Bundoora

Our goal

Our goal is to help people and wildlife in Kenya by selling homemade beads transported from Kenya that will be selling for $2 each.

we hope to have $500 by the end of this campaign.

Thanks for your support!