Juan Ponce de León

Explorer of the Fountain of Youth!!


He was born in Santervás de Campos, Spain, on April 8th of 1460. He died in La Habana, Cuba, in July of 1521. He was not apparently needed for his military services so he decided to join the second voyage of Columbus. Spain sent him to be the leader of the expeditions in the New Spain.


He helped in the conquest of "La Española" in 1493, this place was inhabitated by a goup of Arahuaco´s Indians. Also, he discovered what nowadays is the state of Florida. He was looking for the Fountain of Youth. He met the Native Americans that lived there and they received them well until they started to establish there. He never found the Fountain of Youth.
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These explorations were important to history because the Spanish colonized all the Caribbean islands and this lead to go to North America,as well as most parts of Latin America. This exploration united the east part of the world with the west part and made it how we know it right now. It made the trade of slaves increase and the export of species to Europe. The Spanish brought new technology to America. Also made the decline of big empires in America such as the Aztecs.