Fad Diet

Subway Diet

The "Jared from Subway" diet

Definition- Picking and eating a healthy subway sandwich for lunch and dinner to lose weight.


It's fast food

It's a healthier choice than other fast food options

Does help weight loss

The sandwiches are made right in front of you

They made exactly the way you ask


Dressings are fattening

Cheeses are also fattening, both need to be avoided

Everything is a sub so you don't get other options than subs

Typical Week of Meals

The meals are mostly personal preference. So there isn't a specific diet you need to go by. There are guidelines though.

1) Everything must be on the 7 under 6 grams menu (7 sandwiches with less than 6 grams of fat

2) No cheese

3) No mayo

4) No limit to veggies

5) Wheat bread

6) Little to no breakfast

An example of this could be


Turkey 6 inch sub, diet pepsi

Baked chips


Veggie foot long, water

Nutritional Value

These fast food meals are much healthier than other fast food meals. They can be very low in calories and also low in fat if you avoid the right things. This is a very healthy choice.


It is a very low calorie diet so over a long period of time it can have negative effects. It also isn't very big with variety which can also be unhealthy because different foods have different nutrients. Try adding different foods on occasion and eat plenty of fruits and veggies, particularly for breakfast, when you aren't having subway.


This diet has been proven to work. It is also one of the more convenient diets since it is fast food. This is the way to go if you're looking for a quick, simple way to lose weight. But you must be very strict to make this diet healthy by avoiding the right things.