By: Sierrah, Autumn, Zach, and Joshua

Main Idea

A theater is a place where people go and see plays and other different performances for entertainment.

The First Theater

The Great Theatre was the very first theater. The Great Theatre was built in 1576. It is a polygon shape. James Burbage built it. A little fun fact is that there is no real photos of The Great Theatre.


The Globe Theater got caught on fire in the mid 1600's because a play was happening and a cannon shot as a prop into the roof, and caught the roof in flames because it was straw.
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The audience were adults and children. Back then it was 1 penny to 3 pennies to get into the theater based on where you wanted to watch the play. Poor people couldn't watch plays because a penny to 3 pennies was a lot of money back then.

Unpleased Audience

If the audience disliked the play that was being performed they would throw anything they had onto the stage and possibly hit you. They usually threw fruit at you.

The Coustumes

The costumes were the most expensive thing to buy for the performance. They were very good quality and and were fancy. They were made of silk and other expensive fabrics.

Live Theater Romeo and Juliet



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Types of Performances

There was tragedy, horror, comedy, romance, history, ect. If you did not know Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy and romance.