The Rainforest Biome

By Laurence

What is it like there?


The rainforest is a hot and a rainy place. The average temperature a rainforest can get is 75 degrees. It rains 80 inches a year. In the top layer, (the canopy), you might feel a breeze. These dark leaves help the world keep cool. Bottom layers are very dark and wet. In the rainforest precipitation might fall every day, (that means rain, or maybe a very small chance of snow). Here are some words you can call the rainforest: thick air, hot, wet, green, steamy. There can get to be 63 to 93 fernhight. There can be 60 to 400 inches of rain every year. There might be a sleight chance of having snow, or frost.


The soil in the rainforest is pretty moist. The land you will find there is grassy. There will be hight and low trees, and also low shrubs. The rainforest has four layers starting at the top, the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory, and last the forest floor. There is two types of rainforest, the tropical rainforest, and the temperate rainforest. The tropical rainforest has more rain than the temperate forest.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

  • South america
  • Indonesia
  • Close to India
  • Many places near Cameroon
  • Southwest
  • Northwest
  • North of the equator
  • South of the equator


How do plants survive?

There are different ways that plants survive in the rainforest! Here are three way that these plants can survive. First of all some plants grow on trees cause at the bottom of the rainforest there is no sun with all with all of the trees covering the bottom. Second of all some of the other plants eat bugs for a replacement of the sun because they live at the bottom and as you know there is not a lot of sun. Another way the plants can survive is by having big leaves that can get them to have more sun and water.

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

There are many animals that have adaptation to live in the rainforest. Here are a few of the ways. The butterfly might have clear wings so that other animals won't eat the butterfly. Some frogs have poison so other animals will not eat them. One of the birds in the rainforest is very smelly so most animals and people won't bother going near them. Tigers in the rainforest eats deer and monkeys, they also live on the forest floor. Orangutans are in the monkey family, their a branch bed animal (meaning they sleep on the branches of trees) and eat fruits and leaves. Hornbills are big types of birds and they never go to the forest floor, these birds have big beaks that help them crush fruit and insects. At the top of a hornbills beak there is something that looks somewhat like a beak, thats were the hornbills get their name, (horn-bill)

Food Chains