December 20, 2013

Mrs. Lamparter's Class

Specials for the Week of January 7th- 10th

Media Center will be on Tuesday. Please make sure you return your book so you can check out another. P.E. will be on Wednesday, and Friday when we return from winter break. Please wear tennis shoes.

MEGA MINUTE forms for the 2nd Nine Weeks are due today- FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20th! If you forgot, you can return on Tuesday when we return. Please make sure you turn in your minutes so we can celebrate all our readers!! Remember, ALL minutes count toward our class total! Forms for the third nine weeks are in your child's folder today so READ ...READ...READ over break!!

We have had another incredible week in kindergarten. Our program was a HUGE success and I hope you enjoyed the show! We had so much fun performing! I am so proud of my kindergartners!! A BIG thank you to Mrs. Wickerham, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Gustavson, and Mrs. Hildebrand for helping out at our party. We had a great time!! Mrs. Hanagriff and I thank you for our class gift and can't wait to try out our new cooking attire. We both want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We are working on:

  • Knowing letter sounds and blending sounds together to make words
  • Working on recognizing rhyming words
  • Counting, blending, and segmenting syllables
  • Features of Non-fiction text
  • Writing a "small moments" story and creating our own books- students are illustrating and phonetically spelling words to write a story
  • Working in guided reading groups- please have your child read the book to you and return it the next day
  • Working independently in Daily Five centers to become better readers, writers, and spellers

We are working on:

  • Recognizing and knowing the value of coins; penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and the dollar bill
  • Counting by fives, tens and ones to 100
  • Counting forward beginning from a given number in sequence
  • Writing numbers and counting sets to 20
  • 1-1 correspondence
  • Comparing sets- more, less, same
  • Using our Math tools- the rekenrek and number line
  • Using graphs to compare data
  • Working on problem solving skills
  • Using "number talks" to explain our math thinking

We are working on:

  • Learning about the effect of gravity on objects
  • Learning about goods and services


  • MEGA MINUTE forms for this nine weeks were due today! If you forgot or were absent, you can turn in forms on Tuesday, January 7th!
  • Winter Break is from December 23rd- January 6th. Students return to Craig on Tuesday, January 7th!
  • Buck's Pizza Night is January 7th!