Power of Personality

Reaching Your Full Potential

Come find out what "personality" is and why it is a powerful construct in our lives

Are you a perfectionist? Is your wife or husband an extrovert? Is your boss a sanguine? These terms all refer to what we commonly call “personality.” In this course, you will discover the history of personality theories and its many modern manifestations such as the Myers Briggs system and the Enneagram. We will discuss the “power of personality” in our lives and explore specific ways in which personality theories might help us better understand ourselves and those around us.

An eye opening seminar

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E-mail the instructor, Rehenuma Asmi, for more information regarding the class and what we will be covering: rehenumasmi@yahoo.com

Location and Time

Millsaps College

Saturdays, April 6th to the 27th

11 am -12 pm