The Dolphin Whistle

September 30th, 2015 - Issue 7

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Walkathon is now just 9 days away! It is important that all parents understand that this is a very important event for our new PTA and that the pledge money raised by Castro students goes only to Castro PTA. Other money raised at the Walkathon (food and silent auction) will be split between Castro and Mistral: 45% for Castro and 55% for Mistral.

Thank you again to all of the parents who have already volunteered to help make this event a success!

Best regards,

Theresa Lambert, Principal Mariano Castro

Student Tardies

Our number of students absent each day has improved, however our list of tardy students is far too long! It is very important that children learn good work ethic and responsibility and arriving on time to school is a large part of this. Mondays are a particularly bad day for student tardies. Remember to leave early enough to allow for traffic and parking as these are not acceptable excuses for being late. If your child is not as cooperative as you would like in the mornings please let me know and we can talk to them about this at school as well.

I will be scheduling meetings in October with the parents of students who have been tardy 3 or more times already this year. If you need support to help your child to be on time, please reach out to us and we are happy to help.

Kinder Potluck

Thank you to our new PTA for hosting the first Kinder Welcome Potluck last Tuesday! This is a wonderful event helps our new families to learn more about our school and the PTA events.

ELAC - English Learner Advisory Committee

Congratulations to Audocia Ruiz and Betty Chavarin! At the ELAC meeting last Monday they were voted in as President and Vice President for ELAC for 2015-2016. ELAC meetings are open to all parents. ELAC is responsible for reviewing the progress of all English Learner students in all subjects and in reclassification. ELAC also gives suggestions to the School Site Council on the activities, goals, and budget for the School Plan.

How is the Walkathon $ Divided?

All of the money raised from the lap pledges goes to each child's school.

All of the other money raised on the day of the event - food and silent auction- will be shared:
  • 45% for Mariano Castro
  • 55% for Gabriela Mistral

If you have any questions about this, please contact me or Fernanda Brant, Co-chair for the Castro/Mistral Walkathon Chair.

Project Cornerstone Volunteers

Thank you very much to the parents and family members who are Project Cornerstone readers this year! On behalf of the students and staff, I thank you very much for participating in this very important program to maintain a positive school climate at Mariano Castro!

Angelica Reyes
Kris Geering
April Murphy
Estefanía Millán
Ruben de Jesus

Javier Ramirez

Madahi Cruz

Lynn Owano

Louise Lundberg

Guadalupe Guerra

Sara Kopit
Luz Arrellano
Jose Pena
Katherine Rosenberry
Marilin Chacon
Danitra Bahlman
Shannon Gutierrez Brown
Blandina Diaz
Jenny DeGraff
Ana Flores
Maike Bokkers
Maura Guzman
Lisa Topping
Donna Wing
Ana Gonzales
Tracey Briens

Walkathon - 9 Days to Go!


  • Look for the signup sheet on the wall behind the Castro office. Every family is needed to volunteer!! If you only have one hour to volunteer it will be greatly appreciated. The proceeds from the WAT go directly to support our children. GO CASTRO SCHOOL PARENTS!!!
  • Questions: contact Lizbeth at 650.281.8682.

Continue to Raise Money

  • Use your children’s Yellow WAT Sponsor Sheet to encourage your children to raise money for their WAT laps. Record donations and collect money from supporters. If you have lost your yellow sponsor sheet you can get another one in the Castro office.
  • Questions: contact Suzanne Strohmaier 408.204.2716.
  • Sponsor Sheets and Money Due Friday, October 23
  • Goal: $125 per student

Food Donations by Grade
  • TK/K - Pasta
  • 1st - Fruit
  • 2nd - Pupusas
  • 3rd - Desserts/Postres
  • 4th - Tacos
  • 5th Tostadas
  • Questions: Contact William Buitron 650.248.1731

Bake Sale

  • Get your baking groove on and bring your baked goods to the MUR stage Oct 9 in the morning. Examples of bake sale items are; cookies, cupcakes, brownies, banana bread, etc… PLEASE wrap items individually for sale.

Drinks by Grade

  • Please provide drink donations. 100% Juice ONLY - NO capri sun–NO glass bottles. Please bring drinks to the MUR stage by OCT 9th in the morning.
  • TK/Kinder- One 6-pack of bottle water
  • Grade 1- One 6-pack Apple Juice Box
  • Grade 2 - One 6-pack Orange Juice Box
  • Grade 3 - One 6-pack Grape Juice Box
  • Grade 4 - One 6-pack Fruit Punch Juice Box
  • Grade 5 – no donation

District News

Let's Talk!

A chance to ask questions and share ideas, resources, and support parents of students with IEPs, 504s, learning differences, mental health challenges, etc.

All are welcome, participants must respect confidentiality.

Monday Oct 5, 2015 7 pm to 9 pm - in the Orchard Community Room, Los Altos Library,
13 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos 94024. For more information, see

Calendar of Upcoming Events

9/30- Wednesday: PTA General Meeting, 6:30pm-8pm, MUR

10/1 – Thursday: Project Cornerstone Meeting, 8:40am-9:40am, Staff Lounge

10/1 - Thursday: Project Cornerstone Meeting, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Room 15

10/1 – Thursday: PIQUE Meeting, 6-8pm, MUR

10/8 – Thursday: MVWSD Board Meeting, 7pm-9pm, DO

10/8 - Thursday: PIQUE Meeting, 6-8pm, MUR

10/9 – Friday: Walkathon

10/12 to 10/16 - Parent-Teacher Conference at Mariano Castro, Minimum Days for Students

10/12 - Monday: Fifth grade field trip to the Marine Science Institute, 7am-12:30pm

10/15 – Thursday: PIQUE Meeting, 6-8pm, MUR

10/16 – Friday: Mismatch Day!

10/20 – Tuesday: ELAC Meeting, 6pm-7:30pm, MUR

Flyers for This Week