Automobile Ice Racing

The best winter hobby to have

What is automobile ice racing

Ice racing is a form of racing that uses car, motorcycles, snowmobile,all-terrain, or other motorize vehicles

Where,when and how did automobile ice racing start

Ice racing started in the movies james bond: On her majesty secret service

how the competition is "won"

whoever cross the finish line first

uniform/Equipment description

heilment and a car

why the sport should be included in the 2018 olympic games- this is the meat of you proposal. you should have three -four specific reason and they need to be backed up with evidence. Use persuasive words to convince the Ioc to consider this sport .Saftey,terrain and climate concern and modification have all been discussed

ice racing automobile is a popular up coming sport and people would love to see a cool winter car competition and the ice would keep things natural


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