New Year New Gear 2015



Just an update on the first stage of this campaign

We've now activated and sent emails for everyone who has contacts in the email system.

The first email introduces the concept of the New Year being a great time to get some New Gear. We have also introduced the hashtag #nomoreclunkers. Our objective with this is to create some social media activity by promoting this hashtag and linking it to photos of old dodgy copiers, computers etc but also to bring in shots of new dazzling technology that we offer. It's our first go at a mini social media campaign, doesn't cost a lot to do so we'll see how it pans out.

Important that you keep pumping new names into the system via your phone, tablet or desktop. If you've lost the link for your unique capture form send me an email and I'll resurrect it for you.

The plan is to have at least 4 messages get through to each person during the campaign.

When you add a new contact they will always get the first message and then the follow on messages in the same tie sequence and delay as your entire listing.

Your Reports

Each person has a unique online report that you need to check on a daily basis during the campaign to determine two primary things

1. Who has opened your email?

2. Who has clicked on the contact me button. As soon as you see this one get on the phone, you have a warm prospect.

Here is your link for email 1.

Here is your password for email 1.

Your Report for Email 1

Email 1 NYNG - Craig Morrison

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