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Israel Dress Code

Based on "At many religions places in Israel, women, be they Muslim, Jewish or Christian, are required to cover their heads. In some Jewish places, men may also need to cover their heads, typically accomplished by wearing a yarmulke, a small, brimless camp that rests on the top of the skull."


Based on 5 major historical events in Israel were in 1993, "The PLO and Israel agree to recognize each other's existence. The treaty is known as the Oslo Accords." In 1994, Jordan and Israel sign a peace treaty. In 2008, "The Palestinians and Israelis continue to trade attacks. The U.S. tries to restart the peace process." In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Prime Minister. Finally in 2010,a forest fire rages for four days in northern Israel. It became the biggest and deadliest in Israel’s history.


Based on Wikipedia the Politica fall into three camps, Labor Zionism, Revisionist Zionist, and Religious Zionist. The number of parties contesting compared to other countries in the Israel parties are high considering the amount of population.

Zionist Union786,31318.6724+3a

Joint List446,58310.6113+2b

Yesh Atid371,6028.8211–8


The Jewish Home283,9106.748–4


Yisrael Beiteinu214,9065.106–7

United Torah Judaism210,1434.996–1



Ale Yarok47,1801.1200

Arab List4,3010.110New

The Greens2,9920.0700

We are all friends Na Nach2,4930.0600


Hope for Change1,3850.0300

Pirate Party of Israel8950.0200

Flower Party8230.020New

Brit Olam7610.0200


Living with Dignity4230.0100

Economy Party3370.0100


Social Leadership2230.0100

Invalid/blank votes43,854–––


Registered voters/turnout5,881,69672.34––

Source: CEC


Located in the Southwest Asian between the Mediterranean and the deserts of Syria including Arabia. It's divide into four main regions Coastal plain, Northwest, Negev, and Great Rift Valley.

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