HR Update

May 2018

MAY 18, 2018

This is the Midlands AND Internal deadline for transfers. No one under contract in another district should be hired after this date. You should also not pursue internal transfers after this date. Please call HR if you have any questions.

Trying to Reach Someone in HR?

If you need someone in HR and you can't reach us in our office, please feel free to reach out to us on our cell phones. We want to ensure that you are able to access the help that you need.

Mike - Cell 727.9384

Devona - Cell 201.9639

Kimberly Scott -Cell- 600.6200 can assist with subs, long term subs, hiring

Kimberly Freeman- Cell-626.4623-can assist with 4.0, SLOs, Induction/Annual/WorldLanguage, and teacher evaluation

Meredith Seibert- Cell-803.626.4150 can assist with support staff,etc..

How Can We Help?

It's a busy time in HR, but we certainly know it is a busy time for you as well.
Please stay in close contact with Kimberly Scott about any positions that you may still need to fill. Send those recommendations as quickly as possible. Don't forget that if you have shifts in grade levels/assignments in your building, those need to come ASAP to Kimberly Scott as well.

Important Training

Don't forget the importance of having trained mentors and certified 4.0 evaluators in your building for evaluation teams next year! With the shift to an emphasis on coaching conversations in both of these models, it is more important than ever that you have support for evaluation teams on campus. To serve as a mentor or evaluator, a teacher must have 3 years of experience and be on a continuing contract. If you want to recommend anyone for the training, please register them using the links below:

SCTS 4.0 Evaluator Training

June 13-14

June 25-26

July 9-10

July 30-31

Mentor Training (includes 4.0 Overview for Mentors)

June 11-12

July 11-12