By: Anna Boes

My last class before lunch was chorus. Today we were practicing a song which lyrics were etched on the Statue of Liberty. Usually the words" give me your tired,your poor..." would give me the chills,but not today. I was distracted by a twitching muscle in my left thigh

The bell rang. I started walking towards my locker. Then suddenly my legs buckled, I collapsed. I sat on the floor while my classmates collected my books. "Are you all right?" my friend Karen asked. "I am fine." I insisted "really." I went home as I do every day for lunch. Two days earlier I had sore throught and headache, now I feel weak and my back hurts. What horrible timing to get sick, on homecoming day. When I got home my muscles started jerking so my mom sent me to bed. The next morning the doctor told me my diagnose. I had polio.

A Disease Called Polio

Polio is a dreadful disease that can cause paralysis and death. There are three different types of polio respiratory, bulbar and spinal polio. Spinal polio causes paralysis in the patients arms and legs. Respiratory polio can cause trouble breathing. If there is a serious case of respiratory polio the patient is to be put in an iron lung, if it is a more mild case they have to be put in an oxygen tent. The last kind of polio is bulbar polio. Bulbar polio empales the patients ability to talk and swallow.

Finding a Cure