Overcoming My Obstacles

What My Obstacles Were and How I Conquered Them

My Obstacles

This year at WCJH, I was excited about the school year to begin. I couldn't wait for my classes. But then the thought came to my head. Obstacles. I had a lot but here are just a few, and how I conquered them.

I Thought That I Wouldn't Have Many Friends In My Classes

I went to my classes, expecting no friends to be there, and found that my friends were actually in my classes. I have at least two friends in every class.

I Thought That I Would Be Scared To Present In Tech Corps

I was nervous on the first work day. I was presenting GoFormative. I took a few deep breaths and repeated to myself, "I got this!" It worked. I wasn't so scared.

All In All, It was a fantastic year!

I loved my seventh grade year. It was tough