Price Checking and More!

At Old Navy

Square One Shopping Centre

Address: 100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

Date: Friday, December 4th, 2015

Time: 1:00pm


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Types of Folding

The first activity we will be doing upon your arrival is folding in different types of ways. To be specific we will be folding shirts and jeans. Usually, folding does not require much essential skills. However, it does require you to be organized and work quickly. Since Old Navy is a popular retail store many people mess up the tables which requires sales associates to work quickly to fix them. During the first few days working at Old Navy, the tables were sometimes so hectic that it would take me my entire shift just to sort the clothes on the table because different types of clothing required different types of folding.
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Operating the computer

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The second activity I will be showing you is how to operate certain aspects of the computer. Specifically I'll demonstrate how to conduct a price check and do a merchandise locator. While conducting these tasks you will learn the codes used for sizes and how to deal with situations where something is missing or not available. Clothes are often misplaced and it is difficult for you to know the sale price of an item .That is why the price check and merchandise locator is what we use most often at Old Navy.

Checking the storage

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If we do have the item in stock the computer would tell you whether or not we have a certain item in this location. If we do have a item in store then you would check the storage. After operating the computer I plan on taking you to the storage and showing you how to look for a certain item. This activity also happens most often at Old Navy although most of the time we aren't able to find the item we are looking for because there are many items there. However, the more I visit the storage the more familiar I am with it.


  1. Meet downstairs in front of the fitting room.
  2. Go to a table and demonstrate the first two types of folding.
  3. Go to the jeans wall and demonstrate the type of folding for jeans.
  4. Go upstairs and do a price check for a normal item using the bar code
  5. do a price check for an non-tagged item using the style code.
  6. Do a price check for an online item using the Old Navy website.
  7. Go to the merchandise locator and find an item using the style code and size.
  8. Teach each of codes for the sizes to plug into the computer.
  9. If the item is in stock then we go into the storage.
  10. Look for the item until we cannot find the item.
  11. If the item is not found then we conclude we are out of stock.

Required Materials

  1. Unmarked/un-tagged article of clothing
  2. A website only article of clothing
  3. Computer
  4. Folding cart