By Declan Schrader


Mars looks like a bright star in the night sky but Mars is not a star it is a planet. Mars looks so bright from Earth because it is the closest plant to Earth except Venus. Mars is called the Red planet because there is rust in the soil and it makes it shine a reddish orange color. Mars was named after the ancient Roman God of war.

The Amazing Mars

About 100 years ago, an Italian-Astromer saw canals on Mars which are water ways. Mars is the fourth planet away from the Sun. Mars is the closest planet to Earth. Mars has the largest volcanoe in the solar system. If a human was to step foot on Mars without a space suit their blood would boil.
It takes Mars 687 earth day to orbit the sun. The air on Mars has almost no oxygen. Mars has two moons called Phobos and Deimos. Mars temperature is usally below 32. The Gale crater is an impact crater that is 96 miles wide and 3 miles high.
The surface of Mars looks more like Earth's than any other planet. Mar's surface has craters, volcanoes, plains, and valleys but no straight lines. Lava erupted on Mars and made huge volcanic peeks. In 1966 scientists annouced possible evidence of life in side a meterorite that came from Mars and collided with earth about thirteen thousand years ago. If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth you would weigh 30 pounds on Mars.