Meeting your Fitness Needs when your schedule says you can.

Imagine this...

It's early; the sun crescent the oceans horizon moments ago. The Crisp ocean air chills your soul. You're anxious, butterflies in your belly. You can't help but noticed the Buoys. It appears that each one just gets smaller and smaller. Your Heart begins to race as a few questions race through your mind, "Can I finish?" "Did I prepare myself right?" "Will I die?" "I should of....."

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You look to your left, then right. You see a Sea Faces...

Silent, yet the self-internal chatter of EVERY OTHER PERSON, is loud of enough to break the sound of the oceanic crashes of the waves. You realize that EVERYONE IS THINKING THE SAME THING. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR STRUGGLE TO CONQUER YOUR FIRST TRIATHLON.

The Race Director announces, "30 secs to the gun goes off!" You pause, close your eyes. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line and sheer Accomplishment that NO man can take. Then BOOM, this visual feet shakes your soul, piercing through the confusion, like a sword through an enemies armor. You take a deep Breathe and........

BANG!!! And the Journey of Self-Discovery BEGINS

My Name is Tim,

I am a Sponsored Amateur Elite Triathlete and A Triathlon Coach, Swim Instructor and 5k specialists. I have worked with every shape and size and race and any background. I have a passion for Triathlon/fitness and spreading it. If you are eager to change your life for the better through fitness. Whether a seasoned Athlete looking for Efficiency or a First timer who is looking for motivation to get off the couch. My first and foremost Goal is to get you to reach your Goals. I am confident that I make that a reality for you.
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If you are looking to...

1. Increase Cardiovascular Endurance

2. Improve Sports Performance

3. Prepare you for Race Day

4. Reduce Transition times

5. Increase Metabolic Efficiency (Nutrition)


Personal Triathlon Training... Contact for Affordable rates, First session is ALWAYS FREE. Monthly Efficiency Workshops available. Take the FIRST STEP! AND I'LL MEET YOU THERE!