eCourse FAQs

Spiritual Truth Without Spiritual Arrogance

What’s the format?

On January 29th, you’ll get a login to our classroom. There, you can watch the weekly video (usually about 20 minutes), get your short reading assignment, and find discussion questions and a place to chat with classmates. Every other week, we invite you to share a photo of your journal project that goes along with Jonalyn’s “left-brain” videos. If you like, jump into the comments to talk about the lessons. Get to know the eCourse a little better by clicking here.

Do I need to sign up with a group?

No. You are welcome to join our class as an individual, with a friend, or with your whole small group or church. When you're ready to register, just select "individual" or your appropriate group size here.

Do I need to set aside specific days and times for meetings?

There's no specific time that everyone meets for discussion, but as they’re able, participants discuss the lessons in the virtual classroom. If you’re taking the eCourse with a group, you might want to have a meeting to discuss the lessons in person. Either way, discussion works well virtually or in person. Click to learn more about what a typical week looks like.

The only set meeting time you would have is your optional one-on-one personal mentoring session with Dale or Jonalyn (included in registration price). You'd meet in Soulation's instant message room and talk for an hour about whatever you'd like!

This sounds fun, but I’m pretty busy. What if I don’t get everything done?

This class (just like everything else at Soulation) is designed to bring you freedom. That’s a fancy way of saying, “Do what you can, watch and read what you want, and leave the rest!” Last time we offered this course, some people only had time to watch the videos. They told us that even the short 20 minutes a week gave them plenty to think about and changed the way they talked with others.

See what the full eCourse offers here.

Who should take this course?

We’ve designed this course for college students, campus faculty, and ministry leaders. Below are a few “types” of people who love Spiritual Truth Without Spiritual Arrogance.

1) University students and campus leaders who want to make evangelism more friendly and effective.

2) Anyone who wants to be relaxed, confident, and friendly in spiritual conversations (small talk and deep discussions alike).

3) Christians who want to talk about Jesus but feel gimmicky or nervous when using a tract or "The Romans Road."

4) Anyone who grew up in church but now wonder what they can take away from all those years of Sunday school and Bible quizzing.

5) Pastors, church leaders, small groups, and counselors/mentors who sense their groups tuning out. You'll get fresh material that everyone will be able to connect with.

6) Moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc, of teens and pre-teens. Learn to show them that you're honest with your faith hurdles. That can make all the difference.

How do I get in touch with you if I have my own question?

Easy! You can text or call 719-422-3410 (for Sarah or Hope) anytime, or you can email