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What's new on the web October 24, 2012

YouTube's education portal expands

YouTube Education Summit marked the first gathering of educators and content producers interested in expanding YouTube's EDU portal. Steve Spangler, Sesame Street and Sal Khan were present. But the rockstars of the event were its gurus--content producers like Michael Stevens (Vsauce), who gained over a million subscribers by answering questions like "What color is a mirror?" and Henry Reich, whose Minute Physics series tells us what would happen if the Earth were hollow. Also present were winners of the YouTube Next Guru competition--up and coming producers like Loretta Scott (KemushiChan) who teaches Japanese language and culture on her YouTube channel and James Earle (AmorSciendi), who mixes art history with math and science.

myedu now lets students create visual resume and employers can outline classes, job skills

New Facebook aims at fostering student engagement

Schools App, a Facebook application that allow universities and students connect with one another to foster engagement with peers and the campus community.

Clever New Start Up

Clever explores moving student data into applications and how to ensure that the data is accurate and current