Shelby Monjaras

My bio.

The Life of Me (:

My name is Shelby Ann Monjaras. I was born and raised in Huntsville. Both of my parents graduated Huntsville High School, as I plan to do. I am an only child and live with both of my amazing parents. They've been married for 16 years. My dad is Mexican and has 10 brothers and sisters. My mom has 3 brothers and sisters and together I have 25 cousins and we are all really close. Any of my favorites memories are with my family. My Mimi whom was my best friend before she passed takes the title for favorite memories, though. Whether it be watching tv with her or going on Sunday drives, anything with her is my favorite. She used to have a bunch of animals including coons, chickens and donkeys, but my favorites were always her dogs. I have two of my own and I treat them like people. My favorite hobby would be going to concerts and listening to Texas country. At least once a week during the summer I go listen to live music and dance. I love it! Now you know what you need to know about me. (:

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